UAE Cricketers Mohammed Naveed, Shaiman Anwar Found Guilty of Match-Fixing Violations: ICC


The UAE cricketers tried to make a match fix during the T20 World Cup qualifying matches.© AFP

UAE cricket stars Mohammed Naveed and Shaiman Anwar were each found guilty of two match-fixing violations after an independent anti-graft tribunal, the ICC said Tuesday. Former UAE captain Naveed and batsman Anwar were accused of corruption by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in October 2019 for attempting to corrupt that year’s T20 World Cup qualifiers in the country. In addition, Naveed was found guilty of violating two counts of the Emirates Cricket Board’s corruption code regarding the T10 competition.


United Arab Emirates (UAE) players Mohammed Naveed and Shaiman Anwar Butt have been found guilty of two offenses, each under the ICC Anti-Corruption Code, following a hearing by an independent Anti-Corruption Tribunal, the ICC said in a statement. statement.

Naveed and Shaiman, who have been charged under the ICC Anti-Corruption Code for attempting to corrupt ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 matches in the UAE, have been found guilty of all charges after using their right to a hearing before a Tribunal. The couple remain suspended and penalties will follow in due course. “

Naveed, a 33-year-old fast bowler who had played 39 ODIs and 31 T20s, was initially charged with four runs related to match fixing at the T20 qualifiers and the T10 League held in Abu Dhabi in November 2019.

Shaiman has faced two charges related to repairing the T20 qualifiers.

A witness who reported the couple’s behavior to the ICC’s anti-corruption unit said Naveed had boasted “I am the UAE captain, we can do anything,” the ruling said Tuesday.


The mentioned matches were upcoming matches for the UAE against Oman and Ireland. Mr Naveed said he would give away runs in his bowling overs, and that if he was still around Mr Anwar would score a low number of runs in his fourth and fifth overs, “the ICC decision document said.

WhatsApp messages exchanged by the witness and Naveed showed that the men were talking about payments worth tens of thousands of dollars for solving matches.

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