UN chief Antonio Guterres on the 75th anniversary


Antonio Guterres regretted the lack of multilateral solutions to global challenges.

United Nations, United States:

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres regretted the lack of multilateral solutions to global challenges on Monday when he opened a summit to mark the 75th anniversary of the world organization.

“Nobody wants a world government – but we have to work together to improve world government,” said Guterres on the podium at the UN General Assembly before virtual speeches by the heads of state and government.

“In a networked world, we need networked multilateralism in which the United Nations family, international financial institutions, regional organizations, trading blocs and others work more closely and more effectively together,” said Guterres.

“We also need an inclusive multilateralism based on civil society, cities, businesses, local authorities and young people.”

The summit takes place amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has raised new questions about global cooperation.

Around 180 executives were invited to give video speeches of up to three minutes.

The annual general assembly will open on Tuesday. The heads of state and government will give broader speeches, but virtually.

New York will lack the usual excitement of the annual diplomacy extravaganza of late September, when leaders from around the world and their delegations flood the city.

Instead, each nation was allowed to send a diplomat from their UN missions to the General Assembly to watch the recorded speeches.

The administration of US President Donald Trump celebrates the 75th anniversary of new sanctions against Iran approved by the United Nations – an attitude practically every other country denies.


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