UN convenes special assembly of the General Assembly on the subject of coronavirus


193 UN member states have passed four resolutions on the pandemic so far this year (acts)

United Nations:

The United Nations General Assembly held a special session on Thursday to look at international coordination in response to the coronavirus pandemic from December 3-4 in New York.

The meeting, discussed since June, is intended to bring together heads of state and government in accordance with a resolution adopted by 150 of the 193 members of the General Assembly.

No country voted against the measure, while the US, Israel and Armenia abstained.

Leaders can submit pre-recorded statements five minutes beforehand to be broadcast in the General Assembly Hall.

After a brief introduction by representatives physically present in the room, the clips will play according to the resolution – a format similar to that of the annual general meeting in September.

Personal appearances by world leaders are unlikely, given the 14-day New York State quarantine period required for international visitors.


The United States has already hinted that it is against an expanded role for the World Health Organization in fighting the pandemic, an attitude that is facing a major blow from Russia.

Germany criticized the resolution as being too vague, while Great Britain called for the representation of non-governmental organizations and other civil society groups.

The 193 UN member states have so far passed four resolutions on the pandemic this year – on global solidarity, global access to medicines and vaccines, the coordination of global measures and a unified response to global health threats.

The Security Council, on the other hand, which had to deal with Sino-US tensions across the virus, only passed one resolution on the pandemic calling for an end to global conflicts in the interests of fighting Covid-19.

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