UN releases $ 100 million to avert famine during the pandemic


United Nations will provide $ 100 million for seven countries (representative)

United Nations, United States:

The United Nations announced Tuesday that it is providing $ 100 million in aid to seven countries, including Ethiopia, to help prevent famine from the coronavirus pandemic.

Ethiopia, where fighting has broken out between the central government and the northern Tigray region, will receive one-fifth of this money.

The other recipients are Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen.

“Nobody should view a famine slip as an inevitable side effect of this pandemic,” said Mark Lowcock, UN Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs.

“If it happens, it’s because the world has allowed it. Famine can be prevented. But we have to act in time to make a difference,” Lowcock said in a statement.


“Right now, spending more money on the relief operation is the fastest and most efficient way to support famine prevention efforts.”

On a planet where there is more than enough food for everyone, Lowcock wrote: “Famine leads to excruciating and humiliating deaths. It fuels conflict and wars.”

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