UPDATE 1 – ‘Our Biggest Enemy’: North Korea’s Kim Says US Policy Doesn’t Change With Presidents


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By Josh Smith and Cynthia Kim

SEOUL, Jan. 9 (Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called the United States “the greatest enemy” and said Washington’s hostile policy towards North Korea would not independently change of which occupies the White House, state media reported on Saturday.

Speaking at a party convention in Pyongyang just days before U.S. President-elect Joe Biden took office, Kim said abandoning these hostile policies would be key for North Korea and the United States. United States. public relations, the official KCNA news agency said.

“Our foreign political activities must be focused and reoriented on mastery of the United States, our greatest enemy and main obstacle to our innovative development,” Kim said, according to a KCNA report on his remarks.

“No matter who is in power in the United States, the true nature of the United States and its fundamental policies towards North Korea never change,” Kim said, vowing to expand her ties with “anti-imperialist forces. independent ”.

There was no immediate comment from the US State Department. A spokesperson for the Biden campaign declined to comment.

Kim also called for more research and development of advanced military equipment, as well as further progress in expanding the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal.

The remarks came a day after Kim explored ways to renew inter-Korean ties and vowed to expand diplomatic ties in remarks to Congress. days of meetings focused on economic policy, with the country facing growing crises caused by international sanctions on the nuclear program, as well as self-imposed lockdowns to prevent a coronavirus outbreak.


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