US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad resigns


Terry Branstad was in office since May 2017.

Washington, United States:

The US Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, resigns, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Monday.

Pompeo thanked Branstad for his service and said in a tweet that he had “helped rebalance US-China relations so that they (sic) are result-oriented, mutual and fair”.

The former Iowa governor, 73, had been in office since May 2017, representing Washington in Beijing at a time of strained relations with China marked by trade tensions, regional territorial claims, the coronavirus pandemic and unrest in Hong Kong.

He was summoned by Beijing in June after President Donald Trump signed a law paving the way for sanctions against Hong Kong, an act the State Department described as “gross interference in China’s internal affairs”.

The reasons for the ambassador’s departure were not immediately clear.

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