US election 2020: Americans deserve full transparency on the number of votes: Donald Trump


We will follow this process through every aspect of the law, says Donald Trump. (File)


US President Donald Trump has sought transparency around vote counting and voting certification and has said that he will continue this process in all aspects of the law to ensure American confidence in the government.

“We believe that the American people deserve to have complete transparency about all vote counts and election certificates, and that it is no longer about a single election. This is about the integrity of our entire electoral process,” Trump said in a speech he gave Statement campaign on Friday.

Trump is lagging behind his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the presidential election. The latest number of votes shows that Biden and fellow campaigner Senator Kamala Harris are on the verge of a historic victory. Trump has questioned the authenticity of the elections and accused massive election fraud and election errors.

“From the beginning we have said that all legal ballots must be counted and all illegal ballots must not be counted, but we have encountered opposition to this Democratic rationale at every turn,” he said.


“We will follow this process through every aspect of the law to ensure that the American people have confidence in our government. I will never give up fighting for you and our nation,” Trump said.

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