US military reaffirms $ 10 billion cloud computing deal


Pentagon has again concluded that Microsoft is the preferred choice for cloud computing deals

San Francisco:

The U.S. Department of Defense announced Friday that it is sticking to its decision to place a $ 10 billion cloud computing contract with Microsoft despite Amazon claims that President Donald Trump failed to properly influence the process.

After a second look at proposals for the “JEDI” cloud computing contract, the Pentagon again concluded that Microsoft was the preferred choice.

“Microsoft’s proposal continues to represent the best value for the government,” the division said in a statement, adding that it “strives to make this capability available to our men and women in uniform.”

However, the contract can’t go ahead yet because a federal court has put it on hold while Amazon is fighting a lawsuit over the settlement of the offer, according to the Pentagon.

“We appreciate that the Department of Defense has carefully verified that we are offering the right technology and value,” said Microsoft.

“We are ready to get to work ensuring that those who serve our country have access to this much-needed technology.”

As part of the 10-year JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) program, all military branches will ultimately exchange information in a cloud-based system that is supported by artificial intelligence.

Amazon has claimed it was banned from business because of Trump’s revenge against the company and its managing director Jeff Bezos.

The entrepreneur, who also owns the Washington Post, is a frequent target of the US president who claims the newspaper is biased against him.

Amazon asks Trump and other top officials for testimony about the reasons for awarding the lucrative contract to Microsoft.

Amazon claimed in a blog post that the Department of Defense’s re-evaluation of bids was a “revision” so Microsoft could correct a flawed proposal so that US officials could “validate a flawed, biased and politically corrupt decision.”

“There’s a recurring pattern in the way President Trump behaves when asked to do something outrageous: first denying it, then looking for ways to brush it aside, divert attention, and the investigative efforts are delaying it, “Amazon said in the post.

“And then he doubles on the monstrous act anyway.”

Amazon was seen as the main competitor in providing technology for JEDI, with Amazon Web Services dominating the cloud computing arena and the company already providing classified servers for other government agencies including the CIA.

Amazon argued in court documents that the Pentagon’s choice of Microsoft would be mystifying unless Trump repeated “express determination to” kidnap Amazon “in the words of the President himself.

The protest filed in the US Court of Federal Claims strongly demands that the competing JEDI offers be reevaluated.

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