US President Donald Trump accuses Democratic opponent Joe Biden of drug use


Donald Trump’s comments are just stupid, says US Democratic candidate Joe Biden. (File)


U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday in his recent political tidbits suggested that his Democratic opponent Joe Biden used drugs to improve his performance in debates.

The Republican, who is far behind in national polls, initially insinuated during an interview with Fox News that “something was strange” was what he saw as Biden’s improvement during debates over the prime Democratic season.

Early on, when several Democratic candidates stood on the stage, Biden was “a disaster” and “grossly incompetent,” said Trump. But in a later debate in which Biden was one on one with leftist rival Bernie Sanders, “he was fine.”

Trump told Fox he didn’t want to say what he thought was the reason for the improvement.

Seconds later he did.

“He takes something you know, gives him clarity or whatever,” he said.

Trump reiterated his request that Biden be given a drug test before the first of three presidential debates scheduled for Sept. 29.

“I would take one too,” he said.

Biden responded by telling a Florida radio station, “I’m looking forward to the debate and he’s a fool. The comments are just stupid.”

For months, 74-year-old Trump has been trying to convince voters that 77-year-old Biden is suffering from mental decline.

The former businessman cites Biden’s penchant for gaffes – which some believe may be linked to the Democrat’s lifelong struggle against stuttering – and his reluctance to ask unwritten questions from reporters.

Trump, who answers reporters’ questions almost daily but is known for his own often garbled and confusing statements, said: “Joe is lost. We cannot have a president who is lost spiritually.”

Trump told Fox that as attacks from Democrats mount, he will “take off his gloves”.

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