US President Joe Biden pledges $ 4 billion for the global COVID-19 vaccination program


The first $ 2 billion will be released “by the end of this month,” a senior White House official said.


U.S. President Joe Biden will pledge $ 4 billion in U.S. aid to Covax’s global Covid-19 vaccination program during his virtual meeting with fellow G7 leaders Friday, White House officials said.

The first $ 2 billion will be released “by the end of this month,” with the rest coming over the next two years, said a senior White House official who asked Thursday not to be identified.

Covax is a global project to source and distribute coronavirus vaccines to at least the most vulnerable 20 percent in each country so that poorer nations can catch up with dozens of wealthy countries’ onslaught for vaccinations.

“The United States is delighted to be making our first contribution to Covax,” said the White House official. “We believe it is important to play a role in fighting the pandemic around the world.”

Although the United States “prioritizes” domestic needs, helping other countries “reduces the risk for everyone in the world, including Americans, and also reduces the risk of variants,” the official said.


Currently the focus is on providing funding for the purchase of new vaccines. “However, if we have adequate supplies, we intend to consider donating excess vaccines,” the official said.

Group of Seven leaders will discuss international coordination to end the deadly and disruptive pandemic when they meet virtually on Friday.

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