US President Joe Biden will be given the right to work after inauguration


Outside a National Mall, President Biden said: “Democracy has prevailed” (Act)

Shortly after taking an oath on the steps of the US Capitol, Joe Biden said in his first tweet as the 46th President of the United States, “There is no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises, those we’re facing. “

“That’s why I’m going to the Oval Office today to get to work right away and bring courageous measures and immediate relief to American families,” his tweet read from the president’s official Twitter handle.

Biden’s aides had announced earlier today that the newly sworn president would sign 17 orders and hours of action on his first day in office, the AFP news agency reported.

In the first steps, Biden will end Trump’s ban on visitors from several Muslim-majority countries and stop the construction of the wall that Trump ordered on the U.S.-Mexico border to curb illegal immigration, the agency said.

Paying a heavy toll to the 400,000 Americans who lost to Covid-19 when he arrived in Washington on the eve of his inauguration, Biden signaled a new tone for the U.S. government in dealing with the pandemic.

He will now set a mask mandate on federal properties to contain the spread of the deadly virus and freeze the eviction and protection of millions of people who are behind with their mortgages due to the coronavirus pandemic, the AFP news agency reported.

Biden spoke in front of a National Mall that was practically empty due to extremely tight security and an angry Covid-19 pandemic that he wanted to deal with immediately: “Democracy is precious, democracy is fragile and at this hour my friends, Democracy has prevailed. “


“We have to end this rude war that is red against blue, rural against urban, conservative against liberal. We can do this if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts, if we show a little tolerance and humility and are willing to do so are standing in the other person’s shoes. “

“Together we will write an American story about hope, not fear, unity, not division, light, not darkness. A story of decency and dignity, love and healing and kindness,” added Joe Biden.

(With inputs from AFP)


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