US voting activist Stacey Abrams nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Stacey Abrams speaks on screen at the Wisconsin Center.


US suffrage activist and Democratic Party politician Stacey Abrams was nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for her work promoting nonviolent change, a Norwegian legislature said on Monday.

Abrams, whose work raised voter turnout last year and helped Joe Biden win the U.S. presidency, joins a long list of candidates, including both former President Donald Trump and his son-in-law, the former White House adviser , Jared Kushner.

“Abram’s work follows in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the fight for equality before the law and for civil rights,” said Lars Haltbrekken, a Socialist Party member in the Norwegian Parliament.

King, a Baptist minister who became the leader of the civil rights movement in the 1960s, won the Nobel Prize in 1964 and remains one of its most famous laureates.

“Abram’s efforts to complete King’s work are vital if the United States of America is to succeed in building brotherhood among all its peoples and a peaceful and just society,” said Haltbrekken.

Thousands of people, from members of parliament around the world to former winners, are eligible to propose candidates, and a nomination does not imply endorsement by the Oslo Nobel Committee.

Other candidates this year are the Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, the World Health Organization and the climate campaigner Greta Thunberg.


The US Black Lives Matter movement as well as Daniel Ellsberg, who published the “Pentagon Papers” on the Vietnam War, the US Congresswoman Barbara Lee and WikiLeaks were nominated as well as activists for democracy and civil rights from Belarus, Poland and Hungary.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, which decides who will win the award, does not comment on nominations, but the nominees can disclose their choices.

Prominent former US winners include Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, and former Vice President Al Gore.

The 2021 winner will be announced in October.

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