Vaccines are safe, please take them when it is your turn


Joe Biden said companies that make the vaccines are “demanding”.

Kalamazoo, USA:

U.S. President Joe Biden visited a Pfizer factory that made coronavirus vaccines on Friday to reassure Americans that the shots are safe and key to fighting the pandemic.

Biden, who has made getting Covid-19 under control since taking office a month ago, appealed to Americans who were skeptical of the drugs being produced at record speeds in response to the global health crisis.

“The vaccines are safe. Please take the vaccine for yourself, your family, your community, this country, when it is your turn and it is available. This is how we beat this pandemic,” he said, referring to Pfizers shiny production equipment at the Michigan facility.

Biden said companies that make the vaccines are “demanding” and “they take longer to complete the safety clearance than to make the vaccine. That’s how demanding they are.”

“If there is one message that needs to be conveyed to everyone in the country, it is this: vaccines are safe,” he added.

Biden said the program to deliver the vaccines into people’s arms was as complicated as the already intense challenges of high-speed manufacturing in large quantities.

“There has never been a logistical challenge as momentous as what we’re trying to do, but we can do it,” he said.


According to Biden, his goal is to deliver one million shots per day for a total of 100 million in the first 100 days of his presidency, with a current average of 1.7 million vaccines per day, easily surpassing it.

With the death toll in the United States soon to reach 500,000, Biden said he didn’t want to make firm predictions about when the crisis will slow down.

However, he said 600 million cans – enough to cover most of the country – are expected to be ready by the end of July.

“I think we will be closer to normal by the end of this year. If God willing, this Christmas will be different from the last, but I cannot make that commitment,” he said.

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