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A defiant Donald Trump falsely insisted that he “won” re-election Friday in his first public appearance in a week, as the US president appeared increasingly isolated about his long-term desire to stay in power.

Claiming against all odds that a road to victory remains viable, Trump has faced setbacks from Republicans alarmed by his efforts to dismiss the results. He invited Michigan lawmakers to the White House Friday in an attempt to undermine the will of voters in key states.

But if he expected them to emulate the president’s line and publicly support efforts to reverse the Michigan election results – which Biden won with 155,000 votes – he was wrong.

Republican lawmakers stood firm and said they would appreciate the election result.

“We have not yet received any information that could change the outcome of the Michigan elections,” Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield said in a joint statement following the meeting with Trump.

“Michigan’s certification process should be a conscious process that is free from threats and intimidation,” they added.

The statement came after Trump made brief comments on the election and announced new drug pricing plans to reporters at a rare post-election address.

“Big Pharma put millions of dollars in negative advertising against me during the campaign – which, by the way, I won, but you know we’re going to find out,” Trump said.

He left the meeting room without asking questions.

Logic dictates that Trump’s days in the White House are numbered, with key states that sealed the victory of President-elect Biden quickly approaching deadlines to confirm their election results.

In a second strike on Friday against Trump’s election swaying efforts, Georgia became the first of these states to officially confirm its results, confirming that Biden won in the southern state with 12,670 votes, or 0.26 percent of around five million ballots cast.

“Numbers don’t lie,” said Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Republican Secretary of State. “The numbers reflect people’s judgment.”

Very last attempt

Trump has made one final attempt to cast ballots in countries that have been heavily elected democratically, forcing recounts and otherwise delaying the process of finalizing state results before the electoral college votes on Dec. 14 to confirm the next president.

At the latest in a series of interventions by the president that were not found in modern US politics, he had previously insisted on Twitter that if Georgia would “uncover hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots”, it would give him “a BIG VICTORY” in the state would give.

The president spent most of the day in the White House raging over the “rigged elections” and tweeting conservative figures – including a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy – on the grounds that his rival’s victory was a fraudulent one.

Retired Senator Lamar Alexander was the youngest Republican lawmaker to try to get Trump to start a formal transition process.


Biden “has a very good chance” of becoming the next president, said Alexander, and should be given “all” the resources necessary for a smooth transfer of power.

Despite Trump’s refusal to vote, Biden is fully preparing for the January 20th takeover.

On Friday, his 78th birthday, in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden huddled with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Chairman Chuck Schumer, the top Democrats in Congress, and told them there was “a lot to do “.

Trump’s Michigan move raised eyebrows among those in his group.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney launched a withering attack on Trump for putting pressure on local officials. He said, “It is hard to imagine a sitting American president taking worse, more undemocratic action.”

Senate Republicans Ben Sasse and Joni Ernst also cracked the tactic.

Trump’s legal team continues to fight, however.

Rudy Giuliani and other lawyers hosted a conspiracy press conference Thursday that raised unsupported allegations that Democratic “crooks” committed widespread fraud to deny Trump’s re-election.

‘Do not stop fighting’

Georgia’s confirmation of the results, for the first time since 1992, that a Democratic presidential candidate has promoted the southern state, was bad news for Trump.

Even so, Vice President Mike Pence brought Trump’s message of defiance to Georgia as he battled two Republicans whose runoff elections on Jan. 5 will determine which party controls the Senate next year.

“We will keep fighting until every legal vote is counted. We will keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out,” Pence told a crowd in Canton.

“And whatever the result, we’ll never stop fighting to make America great again,” he added to chants of “four more years!” In addition.

While Trump tries unsuccessfully to reverse his loss of the election, Biden has criticized him for not focusing on the coronavirus pandemic which raged uncontrollably across the country and killed 254,000 Americans.

On Friday, the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr. announced that he tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week but had no symptoms.

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