Was disappointed with Australia snub but felt good after talking to Rohit Sharma: Suryakumar Yadav


Suryakumar Yadav was unimaginably tormented after being overlooked for the tour of Australia and found solace in a pep talk with Rohit Sharma. Shortly after his conversation with the inspiring Mumbai captain, Suryakumar’s mind was suddenly wired for distraction, and his bat was ready to talk some more. “That time in the gym, Rohit was sitting next to me and he just looked at me and I said, ‘I’m a little disappointed, of course,’ because he could see that I was expecting good news,” Suryakumar told PTI in an interview.

“ He later said, ‘I just thought you did a great job for the team now, and instead of thinking about that (non-selection), you just do the same things you have been doing since day one in this IPL. ”

“…” and when the time is right, your chance will come, maybe today or tomorrow, but it will come, you just have to believe in yourself, “Surya recalled.

The non-selection, despite his prolific run in domestic cricket and the IPL, extended Suryakumar’s wait for an India cap.

He said that “those words” from Rohit helped him get out of the disappointment.

“I felt really good knowing how I was feeling at the time and even he could see it clearly in my eyes. I think it was a big boost for me to get out,” he said.

The 30-year-old batsman from Mumbai admitted that team selection for the Australian tour was in the back of his mind, even though he tried a few things to distract himself from the thought.

“During this tournament I was actually a little disappointed. I knew the team would come out, and the same day I tried to keep myself busy, just try to avoid that thought – there is a selection tonight.”

So I thought I would just focus on my process and my things, and instead of thinking about the call, I will try to keep myself busy, I can go to the gym or maybe spend time with my teammates. “

“But yes, in the back of the mind there was a thought that the team will come out tonight,” he admitted.

And when he saw that his name was not on the list, Suryakumar got hurt.

“I sat in a room and started thinking why my name is not there, but after looking at the squad there were a lot of players who also got a lot of runs and even they played consistently, doing well for India and doing well in IPL. “

“Then I thought instead of thinking about it, I’ll just try to score runs, do my job, what I have in my hand, what I have under control, and then wait for the opportunity, when it comes, take it. with both hands, ”he said.

Suryakumar played a variety of shots in IPL 13, and he revealed that he only liked to play on the leg side at first, but then improved his offside as well.

“Not just for this IPL, I think I’ve been trying to score all over the park since 2018. I didn’t want to be a one-dimensional player.”

“I used to love to play on the leg side, but later I thought, if you have to play well and score runs at this level with so much competition, practice hard and take the other side too.”

“ Then I started practicing even more, playing offside, because I used to love playing Ranji Trophy and in four day cricket, you can’t survive playing on one side, then I started to enjoy more batting on offside . well, made a few turns. “

“Slowly I knew if I keep following those routines it will come and at some point I’ll be happy with the way I hit and it’s happening now and I’m really happy,” he said.

He played a key role in Mumbai Indians’ fifth IPL title and the cricketer is pleased with his overall performance.

“I was happy with the way it went in the IPL. I scored a few goals before going to the IPL, I wanted to tick a few boxes to keep getting more runs.”


“But when the tournament started, I thought maybe, instead of thinking about scoring more runs, I can think about the contributions I can make to help the team win.”

“That impressive performance and then I started to focus on that, maybe 30 runs or 20 runs on 10 balls or good 50, play to the end and get those runs, which helps the team win,” he said.

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